Back up to speed on backups

Jan 11, 2013


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so this week was another learning curve for me. my beautiful website got hacked.  at first it didn’t look like much – a few menu’s had been messed around with but when i went to update a post the website ‘borked’ (yes technical term for ‘very messed around with’).

and guess what the first question i got asked was?…. yes, you guessed it ‘have you got a backup?’.

my answer? ‘er.. i think so.. took one a while back but my host does automatic ones right?’


i spent months learning how to build a website and was (even if i do say it myself) very pleased with the results, so when someone else got into my web space i was just a tad bit upset. but how did it happen and why was i not clued up to backups?

well i guess i’m more of an entrepreneur than a web expert and after doing a bit of research i am not alone. it seems small businesses are being targeted.  just google ‘business’ and ‘hacked’ and there are some pretty scary stories.  thankfully my website refers customers elsewhere to take payments so no privacy was breached but the pages being borked meant i had to swallow my pride and get help, and it took a couple of days of mine and other people’s time to fix.

so, what have i learned?

that building a website takes time. losing one because i have not made it secure enough or not taken regular backups takes even more time and can be heartbreaking. after the security breach i now have a more robust backup plan and have enabled further security steps.  whilst researching how to be more secure i also came across some really good tips and tricks and i thought it would be helpful to share them.  if you have any others to add, click here to open up the full blog post and comment.

i would also like to say a huge thanks to rich at Fish Media for making a sad girl happy again and helping out over the last few days – rich can be contacted via twitter @fishmedia.

jess  x

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